Train Safety

Cris Cross greets from the train tracks

Meet "Cris Cross" Our Train Safety Expert!

He’s going to help show you how to be safe around trains and train tracks.

We all know that railway tracks can be a tempting to use as a shortcut. What you may not realize is that it’s not only very dangerous, but it’s illegal too!

Last year in Canada, 66 people were killed or seriously injured as the result of trespassing on railway property.
Don’t be a statistic.

Join Cris Cross on a number of his adventures as he tries to show us how to be safe around trains.

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Here are some steps he wants you to follow to stay safe:

Number 1
Don’t take shortcuts.
If you are crossing anywhere other than a designated crossing, you are trespassing. This is dangerous and illegal.
Number 2
Obey the signs and signals.
When the lights are flashing and the gate is down, do not cross the tracks and do not walk around the gate.
Number 3
Always make sure the coast is clear.
Whenever you have to cross railway tracks, always stop, look and listen before crossing.
Number 4
A train takes a long time to stop.
A train needs a lot more time to stop than a car and may take as long as two kilometres to do so.
Number 5
Never try to outrun a train.
Because they are so large, their size and speed can be deceptive. The average 150-car freight train is travelling at
100 km/h.
Number 6
Stand five metres back from the rail.
Stand at least five metres back from the tracks to avoid getting hit by objects that fall or are hanging from the train.
Number 7
Check for a second train.
Once a train passes, take the time to make sure that there isn’t another train approaching or passing on another track. Wait until the first train has passed and then make sure both tracks are clear before crossing.
Number 8
Never ride a bicycle over train tracks.
Once you are sure it is safe to cross, make sure you walk your bicycle over the tracks. Wheels can easily get caught in the tracks, causing you to fall off of your bicycle.
Number 9
Don’t wear headphones when walking near tracks.

Today’s trains can move much more quietly. Did you know that many train accidents have been caused due to careless users wearing headphones and crossing the tracks?

Thanks to a grant from Transport Canada’s Rail Safety Improvement Program (RSIP), the City of Windsor is undertaking a public awareness and education campaign. The campaign’s objective is to raise awareness in young children, teenagers and the general public about the dangers of playing near railway tracks and trespassing on railway property.

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