Traffic Detection Cameras

The City of Windsor utilizes advanced camera systems at many of the intersections to detect the presence of vehicles in order to allow the traffic signals to respond to varying volumes of traffic in a corridor.

Historically, traffic detection was done utilizing electromagnetic loops located in the pavement. However, a number of years ago, the City transitioned to non-destructive detection systems and standardized cameras as the approved detection system moving forward.

With the new Active Transportation Master Plan, the need for a more multi-modal detection system becomes more apparent. As such, the City is currently in the process of testing new detection technology with a priority on detecting all modes of transportation: vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, e-scooters, etc. This testing should be complete in the fall of 2021, after which Traffic Operations will be prioritizing the replacement of the old system and adding new systems on the arterial corridors.

Detection cameras are not capable of displaying or recording video.

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