Red Light Cameras

A red light running camera is a type of traffic enforcement camera that captures an image of a vehicle that enters an intersection in spite of the traffic signal indicating red (during red phase). The camera automatically takes two photos of the vehicle: one entering and one proceeding through the intersection. The photo is evidence that assists authorities to enforce traffic laws. Generally, the camera is triggered by movement of a vehicle as it passes the stop bar after the associated signal has turned red.

The key reasons why municipalities have installed red light cameras are to change driver behaviour, reduce angled collisions and increase safety.

The red light camera program, while new in 2021 to the City of Windsor, is a program that has been in effect in municipalities in Ontario since 1998. As of the fall of 2021, the City of Windsor will be operating red light cameras at 10 intersections throughout the city. Locations were selected based on recorded collisions and the geometric configuration and ability of the cameras to be installed.

Truths and Myths About Red Light Cameras:

  • Red light cameras do not replace police officers. The red light cameras are used to complement police efforts in preventing motorists from running a red light.
  • The registered licence plate holder of the vehicle will receive the ticket, regardless of who is driving the vehicle.
  • Red light cameras are able to ticket right-turning vehicles that do not come to a complete stop on a red light.
  • Photograph images of the vehicles are taken from the rear of the vehicle, and therefore no persons are identified in the photos. The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner was consulted during the pilot development to ensure privacy concerns were minimized.

Intersections Where Red Light Cameras Are Located:

  1. Wyandotte Street East at Goyeau Street
  2. University Avenue West at Crawford Avenue
  3. Erie Street East at Goyeau Street
  4. Howard Avenue at E.C. Row Expressway eastbound off ramp
  5. Huron Church Road at Tecumseh Road West
  6. Eugenie Street East at McDougall Street
  7. McHugh Street at Clover Avenue
  8. Wyandotte Street at Ouellette Avenue
  9. Ouellette Avenue at Giles Boulevard
  10. Seminole Street at Central Avenue

Paying or Disputing

Information on paying or disputing your red light camera ticket can be found on the City of Windsor's Provincial Offences (POA) page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I get a ticket for turning right at a light if I don't stop?

Yes. Every driver must come to a full and complete stop for all red traffic lights, regardless of your direction. You need to stop at the stop line if it is marked on the pavement. Under the Highway Traffic Act, a vehicle is required to come to a complete stop when approaching a red light at a signalized intersection before proceeding. A vehicle may receive a red light running ticket if it does not come to a complete stop before proceeding.

Is a red light camera ticket a criminal offence?


Are there demerit points for a red light camera ticket?


Will a conviction for a red light camera ticket appear on my driver's record?

No; because there is no evidence of who was actually driving the vehicle, it cannot go on an individual's driving record or the owner's driving record.

Will a conviction for a red light camera ticket affect my insurance?

No; since there is no evidence of who was driving the vehicle, you cannot be punished in that way as the driver of the vehicle, so your insurance will not be notified. These tickets are similar to parking tickets.

What is the ticket value?

Tickets for running red lights are $325.

Who receives the ticket for a red light violation?

The registered plate holder of the vehicle will receive the ticket regardless of who was driving.

How does the camera work?

The camera is activated by the traffic signal controller when the signal turns red in a given direction. If the signal is red, the camera will be triggered by the motion of a vehicle as it approaches the intersection. If the vehicle passes the stop bar, the camera will take pictures of the vehicle at a specified interval, and if the vehicle proceeded through the intersection, a ticket will be issued.

Diagram of camera process, as detailed below

Image #1 - The first image records the vehicle behind the violation point while the light is red.

Image #2 - The second image records the vehicle proceeding through the intersection while the light is red.

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