Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The City of Windsor has installed multiple Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations throughout the city. These charging stations are open to the public and can be accessed 24/7 to charge electric vehicles.

Hand holding a cell phone to a ChargePoint EV charging station

The publicly available City-owned EV charging stations align with the City's following plans:

  • Corporate Climate Action Plan;
  • Community Energy Plan;
  • Active Transportation Master Plan;
  • Corporate Energy Management Plan, and;
  • Windsor Works Economic Development Strategy

Charging Station Locations:


Display Name



City of Windsor/Aquatic Centre

401 Pitt Street West


City of Windsor/Capri Complex

2555 Pulford Street


City of Windsor/Garage 2

406 Pelissier Street


City of Windsor/Lot 10

445 City Hall Square West


City of Windsor/Lot 35

1031 Elsmere Avenue


City of Windsor/Lot 4-1

1319 Lincoln Road


City of Windsor/Mic Mac Complex

1125 Prince Road


City of Windsor/WFCU Centre-1

8787 McHugh Street


City of Windsor/WFCU Centre-2

8787 McHugh Street


City of Windsor/Windsor Airport

3200 County Road 42


City of Windsor/WPL - John Muir

363 Mill Street

Benefits of Electric Vehicles (EVs):

  • EVs don't release air pollution from their exhaust, which leads to better air quality for everyone. Air pollution can cause health impacts such as asthma and cardiovascular or immune system problems.
  • EVs don't contribute greenhouse gases (GHGs) into the atmosphere, which reduces the impact on climate change. In Ontario, transportation is one of the biggest sources of GHGs emissions and is a key target area for reduction.
  • EVs are very quiet when driven because the electric motor doesn't make noise.
  • Using electricity to fuel your car is much cheaper than buying gasoline or diesel for your vehicle. According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, EVs are up to eight times cheaper to fuel than gasoline cars!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of charging stations were installed in City-owned lots/garages?

The City of Windsor installed ChargePoint Dual-connector, Level 2 charging stations (Model: ChargePoint CT4020-HD-GW). Each station that was installed can charge up to two vehicles at one time.

How much does it cost to charge my electric vehicle?

Currently, there is no charge to use these charging stations. However, you are required to pay regular fees associated with the parking lot/garage. Please review signage (if applicable) for the hourly/daily rates.
City of Windsor charging station and signage

What is the charging speed of the charging stations?

Level 2 charging stations offer approximately 30 kilometres per hour of charging.

Do the charging stations have a fast charging option?

At this time, there is no fast charging option.

How do I report any issues with the charging stations?

Users can report any maintenance-related issued through the phone application or via 3-1-1. You can download the application for Apple (iOS) or Android.

Can non-electric vehicles park in the EV charging spots?

No; only EV vehicles are permitted in these spaces while actively charging their vehicle.

Sign, no parking except while charging

Who is paying for these EV charging stations?

The costs of the EV charging stations are being covered by the following:

  • City of Windsor: Capital costs of equipment and installation, operational cost and annual vendor fees
  • Natural Resources Canada: Capital cost of equipment and installation
  • ENWIN Utilities: Capital cost of utility connection and accounts setup
  • Atura Power: Operational cost (five years electricity; 2022 to 2027)

What else can I do in the ChargePoint app?

While using this application on your phone/computer, you will be able to complete the following:

  • Find available stations
  • Start charging
  • Get notified
  • See station pictures
  • Read driver tips
  • Connect ChargePoint at Home (scheduling feature not available at this time)

ChargePoint messaging and map examples and logos, Download on the App Store, Get it on Google Play

Download the application for Apple (iOS) or Android by clicking here.

Looking to learn more about electric vehicles or charging stations? Please see the following links:

For more information on where parking is located, please visit MappMyCity!

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