Accessible Parking

On-Street Accessible Parking

  • Accessible parking spaces are available throughout City streets. To obtain a residential on-street parking space see the section below.
  • Commercial loading zones may be used free of charge for the time period specified on the commercial loading zone sign.
  • Parking-meter fees apply to all vehicles. Having a valid Ontario accessible parking permit does not waive this fee.

Applying for On-Street Accessible Parking Spaces

The City of Windsor accepts applications for residential on-street accessible parking spaces as per Council Resolution 185/2013. Review the full On-Street Accessible Parking Spaces - Residential Policy. The following are the highlights of the eligibility criteria for ease of reference:

  1. The applicant property has no off-street parking provided, including:
    • A front-yard, side-yard, or rear-yard parking area, including parking accessible by a paved alley
    • A garage
    • A gated parking area
    • A parking area on the applicant property that is accessible by a shared driveway
  2. The volume of on-street accessible parking spaces shall not exceed the maximum allowable per the Policy.

To apply for a residential on-street accessible parking space you must bring the following to the Transportation Planning Division at 1266 McDougall Avenue (do not mail or fax):

  • Completed application (On-Street Accessible Parking Application)
  • Original Ontario accessible parking permit from the Ministry of Transportation (MTO)
  • Proof of residency (either a valid driver's licence, valid Ontario Health Insurance Plan [OHIP] card, or your most recent utility bill)
  • Original vehicle permit (Ownership) for vehicle registered to the permit holder's address

The permanent Ontario accessible parking permit should be valid for at least six (6) months. No temporary accessible parking permits will be accepted.

Processing time for the application and sign installation (if requirements are met) is approximately 60 business days from the date of application. If the application is approved there will be a follow-up review in two (2) years or by the Ontario accessible parking permit's expiry date.

Note: Once granted, the space is not reserved specifically for the resident making the application but can be used by anyone with a valid MTO Ontario Accessible Parking Permit.

On-Street Accessible Parking in Business Areas

  • Accessible on-street parking requests for business areas are to be directed to their Business Improvement Area (BIA).
  • The BIA would stipulate the location for the parking spot and submit it to the City.
  • If the City is in agreement, it would be allowed and entered into a by-law.

Off-Street Accessible Parking

  • Accessible parking spaces are available in all City lots.
  • Parking in City-owned paid surface lots is free of charge for anyone with a valid accessible parking permit, whether parked in an accessible parking space or not. However, the maximum parking lot time limits apply. Please read the signs in the parking lots for the maximum allowable parking time. Parking fees still apply in all municipal parking garages and various privately owned parking lots.
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