Meet-A-Machine Community Literacy Event

Man and child behind the wheel of a vehicle

Meet-A-Machine 2024 Stay Tuned! #WEmeetamachine

For more information or if you would like to participate as a machine operator, please email​ or call 519-255-5344.

Our 11th anniversary Meet-A-Machine was bigger than we could have ever imagined! On Saturday June 10, 2023, the parking lot of the WFCU Centre was filled with thousands of people, and we were able to provide children with a rich and fulfilling early years experience!

Dawn Bosco, Manager of Children's Services for the City of Windsor, interviewed with CTV Windsor from an ENWIN Utilities bucket truck: "It's a phenomenal turnout; it's our first in-person since 2019; and I think families are just thrilled to come out!" (Click here for the CTV Windsor Interview.)

Special thank you to all the operators and staff that made this event possible. The parking lot was full of proud faces from both the operators and children. The operators' participation allowed families to have a close-up experience of machines and their jobs.

"... literacy isn't just about reading; literacy is about explorations. So things that you can do with a vehicle such as turning right and left, going up and down in the bucket truck, so there's a lot of physical literacy components."

Meet-A-Machine has given children across Windsor Essex a hands-on learning experience that they will take with them for years to come.

Stay tuned for next year's Meet-A-Machine event! #WEmeetamachine

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“Meet-A-Machine” is an annual community literacy event hosted by City of Windsor Children's Services. Machines of all shapes and sizes, including emergency vehicles, construction equipment, military trucks, buses, forestry trucks, race cars, tow trucks and much more, are on display for children to discover and explore. #WEmeetamachine