Ontario Works for Youth Under Age 18

Ontario Works for Youth (Under Age 18)

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Applicants under the age of 18 years

Applicants who are age 16/17 can apply for Ontario Works if special circumstances exist, such as abuse or if there is no home/financial support available.

Applicants must meet with a social worker before meeting with an Ontario Works caseworker.

Applicants must also have an appropriate trustee in place. This person should be someone who:

  • Is willing to assume the responsibility;
  • Does not have a conflict of interest (i.e. landlord);
  • Has the best interests of the applicant in mind; and
  • Has a good relationship with the applicant.

If necessary, a trustee from Family Service Windsor may be used for Windsor applications, and a trustee from Access may be used for County applicants.

Call 519-255-5600 or toll free at 1-866-925-2022 to apply for Ontario Works.