Per Diem Requests

Request for Child Care Subsidy Per Diem Change

A child care provider sits with a group of young children
If a licensee wishes to make changes to their current per diem rate structure, they need to submit an application. A licensee is permitted to make one per diem change request per year. All requests must be received no later than September 30 of the current year. Upon approval, all changes will be effective January 1 of the subsequent year.

Complete the application and submit along with all the required documentation:

The request must be submitted by email or mail to:

  • The City of Windsor - Children's Services
    400 City Hall Square E. P.O. Box 426, Station A
    Windsor, ON N9A 6L7
    Attention: Agnes Kulinski

Please Note: Per Diem Requests cannot be made within the first year of business.

Completion of application does not guarantee an application will be granted.