Glossary of Terms

  • Service Agreement: The legal contract the City of Windsor Children’s Services enters into with agencies that provide services for children
  • Service Agreement for Fee Subsidy: The legal contract the Corporation of the City of Windsor Children’s Services enters into with Operators that provide child care for children whose family receives a Child Care Fee Subsidy
  • Wage Enhancement Grant (WEG): A grant that provides funding to improve the salaries and benefits of staff in eligible positions
  • 2022 Fee Freeze Rate: The fee used to calculate the 25% refund/reduction is based on the fee that was paid and has been frozen as of March 27, 2022 (some exceptions)
  • Non-Base Fee: Any optional services that are added to the fee for child care services (often referred to as à la carte services, for example, transportation)
  • 2023 Base Fee: The fee established for 2023 through a budget review process that determines eligible expenses
  • Per Diem: the daily cost of child care established through a budget process
  • Wage Floor: The mandated minimum wage for staff