Sewer Connection Permit


  • A Sewer Connection Permit can be obtained on the second floor of City Hall in Engineering. An application, a drawing and fees, including an indemnity Deposit, are required for a permit to be issued.
  • Payment of an Indemnity Deposit is required to ensure that the public right-of-way is returned to its pre-construction condition. The amount of the deposit will vary depending on the location of the work and is refundable 45 days following satisfactory restoration of the public right-of-way and completion of the final inspection.
  • A Sewer Information Sheet is required prior to the issuance of a permit if the location of the connection at the lot line is not known.
  • A Sewer Information Sheet is required for any and all new connections to the municipal sewer system.
  • A pre-qualified City of Windsor sewer contractor is required.

Sewer Inspections

  • You will require an inspection for work done on the public right-of-way. An Inspector will review the sewer tap/connection of the pipe before backfilling. To schedule an inspection, you may contact the Engineering Department at (519) 255-6257 ext. 6359 or 6483. Documentation verifying compliance with the City of Windsor standards for backfill requirements will be required at the time an inspection is requested.
  • For Building Sewer Inspections on private property, call (519) 255-6453 or you can visit the Inspection Requirements page for more information.


Category Fee
Sewer Information Sheet $30.00 ($26.55 plus $3.45 HST)
Sewer Permit $275.00


New Requirement for Single Family Dwellings: When connecting to a closed sewer system, a physical barrier (Backwater Valve) is required to be installed on the system to prevent backup of water. This device should be placed in an accessible location, as it requires maintenance.

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