Sanitary Sewer Private Drain Connection (PDC) Replacement Program

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What is the PDC Replacement Program?

At the present time, the City is offering a rebate as well as financing for the complete replacement of a sanitary private drain connection from the sewer main to three feet (3') inside your house. Details of the program are outlined in the City of Windsor's policy on cleaning, repairing and replacing private sewer laterals under By-law 4921. This program applies to residential properties, having a maximum of two (2) units, and does not include vacant land, commercial, industrial, institutional or combined-use buildings.

How do I Apply for and Receive a PDC Replacement Subsidy?

There are two options available to residential property owners under the PDC Replacement Program, which are outlined below:

Option 1 - Private Sewer Replacement:

The property owner hires and pays the Contractor directly, then submits the required documentation outlined in Step 3 below to request a rebate under the program.

  • Step 1: Email to request a Sewer Information Sheet from the Right-of-Way Division.
  • Step 2: Hire an Approved City Sewer Contractor to obtain a permit and undertake a complete PDC replacement.
  • Step 3: Once the work is finished and has passed the final inspection, property owners can submit their “paid in full” invoice, detailing the complete sanitary sewer PDC replacement, as well as the Rebate Request Form to for review and approval of a subsidy through the program. A final inspection must be completed in order for the City to determine whether the work completed under the permit qualifies. It is recommended that the property owner pay the contractor after confirmation is received that the permit has passed final inspection.

Note: There is some risk that the property owner may not be entitled to receive a subsidy payment, due to the fact that final determination on the eligibility of work performed does not occur until after the City of Windsor has completed the final inspection on the permit.

Option 2 - City Sewer Replacement:

The City of Windsor hires the Contractor through a tender process and pays them directly, after an agreement is executed with the property owner outlining the payment terms to either place the full cost of the replacement (plus applicable interest) on their property taxes over a five-year period or pay the City of Windsor in full, once the work is complete.

  • Step 1: Email to request a Sewer Information Sheet from the Right-of-Way Division.
  • Step 2: Contact the list of Pre-qualified PDC Contractors to obtain five (5) quotes for the private drain connection replacement, in accordance with By-law 4921. Note: The bids must be submitted on the bid forms provided.
  • Step 3: The Contractors will forward the quotes directly to the email address. The Right-of-Way Division will verify the validity of the quotes, select the lowest qualified quote, calculate the eligible rebates to the Property Owner, and prepare an Agreement for Execution by the Property Owner.
  • Step 4: Return a signed agreement before the expiry date of the lowest qualified quote. The City of Windsor Right-of-Way Division will then issue a Purchase Order to the successful Contractor to undertake the private drain connection (PDC) replacement. Upon completion of the work, the Property Owner will be notified of the charges applicable for the PDC replacement. Depending on which payment option is chosen, the owner will either be invoiced for the charges or those charges will be added to the property taxes.

Note: Quotes typically have an expiry date after which they are no longer valid. The Property Owner will be responsible to return the signed agreement prior to expiry of the quotes.

Subsidy Amounts:

The following information outlines the possible subsidy amounts:

  1. Up to $2,000.00 Rebate
    • Residential property has a maximum of two (2) units
    • Property is not within the City’s mandatory downspout disconnect boundary
  2. Up to $4,000.00 Rebate
    • Residential property has a maximum of two (2) units
    • Property is within the City’s mandatory downspout disconnect boundary
  3. Up to 50% of the entire cost of the replacement
    • Residential property has a maximum of two (2) units
    • Property is the principal resident of the owner
    • PDC is connected to a sewer on an arterial or collector road or PDC is connected to a sewer equal to or greater than 18 feet (18’) deep


For general information, call 311 or contact by email. For additional inquiries, call Gina O'Donnell at (519) 255-6257, extension 6441, or contact by email.

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