Home Flood Protection Program (HFPP) - Pilot Project

Sewer Master Plan and the Home Flood Protection Program (HFPP) 

The Sewer and Coastal Flooding Master Plan followed the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process and included numerous recommendations to reduce the flooding risks within the City. One recommendation included a "flood prevention home check-up" to inform residents of their household flood risks. The Home Flood Protection Program (HFPP) was initiated as a pilot project to provide residents an additional resource to better access these flooding risks.

The City of Windsor has partnered with the AET Group to complete a HFPP on a pilot basis. The HFPP is a flood risk reduction education program developed by the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation, a research centre at the University of Waterloo and implemented by the AET Group.

What is the Home Flood Protection Program (HFPP) Pilot Program?

The HFPP is a residential flood risk reduction education program with the objective to help residents take action to reduce their flood risk and reduce damage in the event of a flood. Many homes are at risk of flooding due to increasing intensities of rainstorms or plumbing leaks.
The pilot project will include an initial inspection program of 100 households. The costs of the inspection program will be subsidized by the City, with residents paying a $200 plus HST refundable security deposit for the services.
Inspections under the program will be allocated on a first-come, first served basis.

What does the Home Flood Protection Assessment include?

For homeowners benefitting from the program, AET will make the following resources accessible:

  • Flood protection resource information
  • Phone and Online Registration
  • Booking and Management of Home Flood Assessors
  • Homeowner Reminders of their Home Flood Assessments
  • Home Flood Assessment Reports
  • Quality assurance of the Home Flood Assessment Report
  • Email notification for downloading of the report
  • 15 minute consultation with Home Flood Assessor

A sample of the report received by a household, as well as a draft homeowner package are provided.

HFPP - Home Package & Sample

More Information and Registration:

For more information:

Home Flood Protection

To register directly with the AET Group:

HomeFloodProtect.info/register or call toll-free 1-877-876-9235

The estimated costs of the inspection can range between $800-$1,000 each. Given the expense of undertaking an inspection, a refundable inspection security deposit ($200) will be assessed to each household. Release of the security deposit would take place following implementation of some of the works described. This method of inspections is similar in nature to the recently operated provincial and federal energy efficiency home inspection programs.