Eeling Program

The City of Windsor's policy on cleaning, repairing and replacing private sewer laterals is outlined in By-law 4921: Servicing of Private Sewer Connections (see By-laws Online)

Electrical Eel Service, or Eeling

A sewer lateral is the sanitary sewer line that connects a building's plumbing to the City's sewer system. It is considered to be private in the area from the front main wall of the house to the main in the Street. It is the property owner's responsibility to maintain his or her own sewer lateral.

The City will provide eel service (sometimes referred to as "eeling") through an acceptable cleanout once Enbridge Gas clearance has been obtained, up to three times in any 24-month period. After that time, the sewer lateral is declared to be uneconomical for continued service. The City will not clean the private connection until it is replaced or repaired at the owner's expense. A subsequent inspection will determine whether it may be put back into service by the City.

This service is provided for residential properties only (i.e. commercial and industrial properties are not eligible).

Please call 311 to request this service.

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