Downspout (Eavestrough) Disconnection


Due to recent flooding, the City will be implementing a mandatory downspout disconnection policy. Exemptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

If property owners had already registered for the program, and a site assessment of their downspouts prior to the policy change concluded that certain downspouts could not be disconnected for safety reasons, then property owners should not be impacted unless they have made changes to their downspout/eavestrough since the initial assessment. If this applies to you, and you have made changes to your eavestroughs, downspouts or grading around your home since receiving a prior inspection, we encourage you to call and re-register for the program.

Downspouts, or roof leaders, are used to drain storm water from your home's roof surface.

The rainwater falling onto the roof is generally clean and free of ground contamination. Softer than surface water and free of chlorine, it is ideal for use in gardens, car washing, and for lawn care. Once it reaches the sewer, it is polluted by the existing wastewater and occupies significant capacity in the system.

You can help recover this water for your own use by taking advantage of the City's Downspout Disconnection Service, free of charge.

To book an appointment, please call 311 or 519-255-2489 (Note: Appointments can only be booked by dialing either of these phone numbers. We apologize for any inconvenience).

Currently, the program is targeting residential homes only.

If you own a condo or townhouse, the property owner or development corporation must submit their requests in writing to City of Windsor - Field Engineering Department, 1531 Crawford, Windsor, ON, N8X 0A2. Your request must include a site plan indicating each unit you would like inspected for possible downspout disconnection.

See our Downspout Disconnection Pamphlet for more details.

Overall benefits of downspout disconnection include:

  • Reduced neighbourhood basement flooding
  • Reduced sewage treatment expenditures
  • Added sewer capacity
  • Reduced need for costly trunk sewer projects

Is Downspout Disconnection Mandatory?

Under By-Law 26-2008, parts of the City may require mandatory disconnection. Non-compliance with a disconnection order may be subject to a fine under the By-Law.

Disconnection is mandatory within the area bounded by the following:

  • South of Tecumseh Road East
  • North of the Canadian Pacific Railway
  • East of Howard Avenue
  • West of Walker Road

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