Canada Community Building Fund Projects

Canada Community-Building Fund (CCBF) Projects

Infrastructure Canada, Investing in Canada, #BuildBackBetterThe City of Windsor receives federal funding as a part of the Canada Community-Building Fund (CCBF) program. The Public Works projects listed below are currently being funded by this program. These projects benefit the physical infrastructure in the city and the computer systems used to manage and support infrastructure assets throughout the city.
Project Number Project Description
ECP-014-07 University Avenue/Victoria Avenue
ENG-005-17 Central Box Environmental Assessment Road and Infrastructure Improvements
OPS-001-07 Road Rehabilitation - Various Locations Program
OPS-003-07 Bridge Rehabilitation Program
OPS-004-19 Infor Public Sector/Hansen Infrastructure Management System (system upgrade and implementation of a mobile solution)
OPS-021-07 Traffic Calming Initiatives
PFO-001-21 Legacy Beacon/Streetcar #351
PFO-003-15 Central Riverfront Improvement Plan & Civic Esplanade/Plaza

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