Bright Lights Around the World

Bright Lights Around the World

Why "Bright Lights"?

"We wanted our name to speak to the unifying theme of light, shared across the holiday traditions of countless cultures and faiths around the world. From candles to illuminated trees, from family fireplaces to the lights that shine in our neighbourhoods. Light symbolizes warmth, peace and togetherness around the world. So, in a city renowned for its multiculturalism, the symbol of light is a perfect fit." - Mayor Drew Dilkens

A World of Celebrations

Christmas showcases light in many ways, and its most popular symbol, Santa is celebrated around the world as Papa Noel, Shengdan Laoren, Sveti Nikola, Babbo Natale, just to name a few. Hanukkah is known as the Festival of Lights and incorporates menorahs, dreidels and more. Day of Enlightenment on December 8 is observed in the Buddhist community and includes coloured lights and ornaments representing the three jewels. Kwanzaa celebrates its season with the colours of red, green and black to honour the occasion.

These are just a few of the many celebrations marked in our community and around the world at this time of year. So many others are celebrated during the winter season too, including Posada, Luciadegen, Tohji-Tasai, Winter Solstice, St. Stephen's Day, Omisoka, St. Basil Day, Ganan-Sai, New Year’s Eve, Orthodox Christmas and more.

Guests representing a variety of cultural celebrations at opening ceremony

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