Recreation Master Plan

Recreation in Windsor is active, accountable, inclusive.

A Vision for Recreation in Windsor

Recreation is at the heart of a strong community. The City of Windsor's recreation facilities and programs allow residents to be physically active, encourage them to connect with each other, provide a safe haven for some, attract economic investment and spinoffs, promote community vibrancy, and are part of local environmental stewardship initiatives.

In order for Windsor's recreation system to remain strong, the City has engaged its residents in a Recreation Master Planning process to help establish a collective vision for recreation; assist the City to identify its greatest needs and priorities; and suggest the right mix of facilities, programs and services for residents over the next 20 years. The Vision for Recreation in the City of Windsor reflects the highest priority perspectives heard through the Master Plan's community and stakeholder engagements.

Recreation and Culture Department Mission Statement

We create experiences that encourage Windsor residents to be physically and socially active while contributing to the high quality of life where people want to live, work and play. Working with community partners in the city, we deliver recreation services effectively and efficiently for all.

The City of Windsor's Recreation Master Plan was presented to Council on December 16, 2019.

Recreation Master Plan