Sport Fields

The City of Windsor has a variety of outdoor sports fields and complexes. Many of these facilities are high quality and are available for league and tournament bookings, and the City offers many open fields for family fun or casual pick up games as well. These outdoor sports fields include:

  • Baseball/softball diamonds
  • Soccer pitches
  • Cricket grounds
  • Cross country running trails
  • Mountain bike trails (facilities for racing)
  • Rugby/football fields
  • Stadium (soccer, football, baseball)
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Tennis and pickleball: Visit our Tennis page for sports court information.

Rent our Sports Facilities

For more information about sport fields, complexes and rental opportunities, please visit the Facilities tab of or call (519) 253-2300 ext. 2714 to book.

Field Status

Inclement weather may close fields. The City of Windsor will announce field closures in the early afternoon on weekdays and in the early morning on weekends based on the current field and weather conditions.

For the latest information during or after wet weather, please contact your league officials directly. You can also follow us on X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook for the latest field status updates.  

Why We Close Fields

The goal is to keep our sports field in optimal and safe condition for all users.

Parks and Recreation reserves the right to cancel the use of all sports fields due to inclement weather conditions. We request your co-operation by not using fields unsuitable for play. This may include:

  1. Water pooling on a playing field;
  2. Wet/muddy field conditions;
  3. Weather forecasts: the presence of an electrical storm constitutes an immediate closure of the field. We ask for the cooperation of the officials and coaches in order to ensure the safety of the players and spectators. A 30-minute mandatory delay of play is required after lightning is seen. Stadium facilities will be locked and lights turned off.

Please do not attempt to drain fields or remove pooled water on your own. More often than not, considerable damage is done to the playing field rendering it unusable for others.

League convenors, or designates are asked to continually use discretion when playing on potentially wet fields. Causing damage to the fields could result in field closures for extended periods of time and a charge to the individual or group responsible for causing the damage. Windsor Parks Sport Fields Status