Municipal Addressing Renumbering

Municipal Addressing/Renumbering

The City is responsible for the assignment of new municipal addresses and re-numbering of existing addresses. In cases where a new address is required for a new property, new building or unit within an existing structure, which was created through the City's approval of a development application (for consent, rezoning, plans of subdivision/condominium, site plan approval, etc.), the City will assign a municipal address accordingly.

For creation of municipal address numbers in new plans of subdivision and condominium, the owner must submit an Application Form for the Creation of Street Names and/or Municipal Address Numbers in Plans of Subdivision to the Planning Department for review and approval.

In cases where an address already exists and the owner wants to change the address, or where a vacant lot exists with no address and the owner proposes the construction of a building requiring an address, the owner must submit an Application Form for the Creation/Change of a Municipal Address to the Planning Department.

For general information, please call 311. For detailed inquiries, contact:

Planning Department
Suite 210, 350 City Hall Square East
Windsor, Ontario, Canada, N9A 6S1
Phone: (519) 255-6543
Fax: (519) 255-6544