Local Improvement Procedure

  • A property owner requests in writing, to the address below, certain works to be constructed as local improvements (i.e. sanitary and/or storm sewers, street lights, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, water mains, full pavement, full municipal services)
  • The request is evaluated by Engineering Department staff. If a petition is to be issued, an engineering report will be prepared noting all of the properties abutting to benefit by the local improvement and specifically the owners names, address, lot and registered plan numbers, latest assessment provided by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation and the frontage measurement of their property.
  • The petition is prepared and sent to the Planning Department for processing. The calculation is made pursuant to Ontario Regulation 586/06, which provides that in order for the petition to be sufficiently signed, two thirds of the total number of benefiting property owners whose assessment represents 50 percent of the total assessed values of all benefiting properties, must sign the petition.
  • Once the petition is prepared, it is forwarded to the requesting property owner with a set of instructions on how to complete the petition following the requirements of the Ontario Regulation and a letter is also sent to all of the benefiting property owners advising them that a petition has been issued and to read it carefully as a sufficiently signed petition may result in payment of local improvement charges for their properties.
  • Following receipt of the signed petition, each signature is scrutinized and considered for sufficiency. Signatures and corresponding assessment are totalled, confirmed and certified by City staff.
  • The results of the petition are then forwarded to the City Engineer for consideration of including funding in the annual capital budget (for work in which a municipal subsidy is available) together with other projects under consideration. All benefiting property owners are also notified of the outcome of the petition.

Engineering Department
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Phone: For general information, call 311. For detailed inquires, call at (519) 255-6257.
Fax: (519) 255-9847
Email: engineeringdept@citywindsor.ca