Walkerville Districting

Walkerville Theming and Districting Plan

Historical artist rendering of the Walkerville Distillery buildings

The Districting Plan for Walkerville's historic neighbourhood is a major revitalization opportunity for Windsor and an important precedent for undertaking similar City Districting Plan projects. Leveraging the urban setting through well managed change will promote vitality in the district and the surrounding city fabric including neighbourhoods, the waterfront and downtown. (Brook McIlroy)

The plan is a compendium made up of three sections:

  • Background Study
  • Visioning
  • Implementation

Walkerville Theming and Districting Plan

The Walkerville Theming and Districting Plan presents an opportunity to imagine the future Walkerville as a unique community destination in Windsor that celebrates its past and embraces its future.

Tremendous potential exists to enhance the quality of the public realm and to introduce an exciting diverse mix of uses in reimagined and new contextually appropriate buildings.

Bird's eye views of existing condition and proposed Initiatives, Improvements, Projects and Opportunities

Initiatives, Improvements, Projects and Opportunities (IIPOs)

Walkerville Theming and Districting Plan Introduction Video

The Initiatives, Improvements, Projects & Opportunities (IIPOs) presented in this plan are the result of analysis and consolidation of the ideas and feedback received at the Community Design Workshop and two online engagement surveys, as well as conversations with members of the commercial business, arts, and creative industries operating in Walkerville. Early in the consultation process, many priorities and common goals began to emerge. Through design explorations, precedent studies, further consultation, and refinement, they were translated into a set of nine tangible, achievable IIPOs. These include:

  1. Walkerville Distillery District.
  2. Hiram Walker Gateway Parkette.
  3. Railspur Linear Park.
  4. Riverfront Park & Pathway Connection.
  5. Devonshire/Assumption Mixed-Use Urban Square.
  6. Hiram Walker Alleyway Pilot.
  7. Wyandotte East Gateway.
  8. Historic Walkerville Program.
  9. Walkerville Wayfinding Program.

Next Steps:

  • Replace the traffic lights along Wyandotte Street.
  • Hire a design consultant to coordinate the Argyle Road implementation
  • Develop a request for proposal for the East Gateway Arch

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