TD Bank Façade Re-use

Historical postcard showing the facade at Ouellette and Sandwich


The Dominion Bank was built in 1908-09 in Downtown Windsor. It was later used by Toronto Dominion Bank, followed by an array of civic functions until 1993. The building was demolished between 1999 and 2000 to allow for the clearing of the block for FCA Canada but was recognized as having high heritage value, thus the limestone façade was saved and put in storage with the intent to be reused. The TD Bank Façade Reuse Committee was established to facilitate the reuse. The committee developed criteria (adopted by Council) for choosing the right project for reuse of the stones. The façade is approximately 42 feet, 8 inches high, with frontage dimensions of about 52 feet and 41 feet. It is made of limestone and contains approximately 1,050 stones. Detailed measured drawings of the façade and photos of the stones are available.

Brief Timeline since the TD Bank Façade was dismantled:


  • Council approved the Terms of Reference/Criteria for reuse of TD Bank Façade as developed by the Dominion Bank Building Re-Use Committee
  • Request for Proposals was issued based on approved criteria


  • Two proposals received: 1099105 Ontario Limited (relocation to commercial center at Walker & Provincial Road) and The Junction did not sufficiently meet criteria and were not accepted


  • Design charrette for design professionals and students held by Reuse Committee


  • Windsor Transit Board considered using the façade for the new transit terminal; supported by reuse committee and council but plans did not proceed
  • Status Report prepared by Administration (re:CQ 182-2004 Report)


  • Reuse Committee dissolved
  • Private proposal for downtown office building, which was supported by Windsor Heritage Committee but plans were not fulfilled

Criteria for the Reuse of the Bank Façade

The criteria presented in the terms of reference were developed to serve as a guideline for the reuse of the bank façade. The Dominion Bank Building Re-Use Committee has divided the criteria into three categories: mandatory, required and preferred:

Mandatory Criteria - These criteria are considered essential, and any proposal that does not meet all mandatory criteria will not be considered by the Re-use Committee and will not be recommended to Council. Mandatory Criteria (listed in no particular order) are:

  1. The façade shall be relocated in the City of Windsor.
  2. The successful proponent shall be proposing a serviced site or will service the site for the use.
  3. The façade shall be rebuilt to its original appearance.
  4. The preservation and/or protection of the façade shall be guaranteed in perpetuity by a heritage easement.

Required Criteria - These are considered very important criteria, and a proposal must meet these criteria to the satisfaction of the Re-Use Committee (i.e. must receive a minimum average rating) if it is to receive the recommendation of the committee. Required Criteria (listed in no particular order) are:

  1. The reconstruction of the façade shall be under the direction of a qualified heritage consultant to the satisfaction of the committee.
  2. The proponent shall substantiate his/her capacity (financial backing) to successfully complete the reconstruction in the manner proposed.
  3. The proposal shall do nothing to diminish or obscure the architectural and historical integrity and dignity of the façade.
  4. The new use shall be visually and physically accessible to the public.
  5. The façade shall be incorporated into a structure having a viable long-term use.
  6. The proposal shall include a reasonable time frame for completion

Preferred Criteria - Compliance with these criteria would benefit a proposal, but the committee may still recommend a proposal that does not meet all of these criteria. Preferred criteria (listed in no particular order) are as follows:

  1. The façade should enhance the heritage value of the new site.
  2. The proposal should not require additional financial contribution from the City.
  3. The re-installation proposal should be aesthetically pleasing.
  4. The proposal should respect the façade’s context and scale.
  5. The façade should be re-installed on the corner of an intersection or in a prominent location with good visibility.
  6. The proposed location should be proximate to the original location for the building.
  7. The heritage value of the building should be identified with appropriate signage.

Measured Drawings

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