Resources for Heritage Property Owners

Considerations for Maintenance, Repair, Rehabilitation, Restoration and Reconstructions

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Technical Resources

Heritage Conservation Skilled Peoples/Materials

If you are looking for specific replacement supplies/material or a skilled contractor/supplier familiar with heritage buildings, contact our Heritage Planning staff, and we may be able to assist.


There are no requirements under the Ontario Heritage Act for a designated property to be restored to a previous or any other condition after a complete loss. "Guaranteed Replacement Cost Insurance" is not required for owners of heritage properties.

Ontario's Insurance and Heritage Property Info Sheet

*Additional resources about heritage properties and insurance are available upon request.

Historical Research on Properties

Ontario Heritage Trust provides a brief overview on how to research a heritage property:

Ontario Heritage Trust (OHT) Researching Heritage Property Brief

The City of Windsor developed a guide consisting of suggested local resources accessible online or at various resource locations, tips for conducting research and a sample research organizational checklist.

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