The following guidelines were approved by Council (April 28, 1997 & modified July 2002.M71.02) regarding the applications being considered for funding:

  • All applications to access the Community Heritage Fund (C.H.F.) to assist with restoration of a property designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, Part IV or Part V, are to be referred to the Heritage Planner for processing. The Windsor Heritage Committee will review the application and make a recommendation to City Council on funding and the scope of the restoration work to be completed, including use and materials.

  • Only those properties having been designated as having architectural or historic value under the Act will be eligible for C.H.F. funding.

  • Regarding the C.H.F. itself, the following guidelines shall apply:

  • An owner of a designated property is eligible to apply for a loan, a grant, or a loan/grant combination as described below.

  • The amount of any loan/grant combination for any one designated property in any single year may be appropriate to the extent of the restoration work proposed, and to the historic and/or architectural significance of the property. As a general principle, awards will be limited to a maximum of $50,000 unless the W.H.C. so recommends and Council approves. The award from the C.H.F. will generally be given according to the following formula:

    • Grant: 15 percent of the award in the form of a grant &

    • Low Cost Loan: 85 percent of the award.

  • In the event the property owner proposes to return to documented original materials/construction techniques (i.e. cedar shingle roof) a grant in the amount of half the cost difference between modern materials and the original material may be considered.

  • An architectural/engineering study by a restoration specialist may be funded by a matching grant, normally not to exceed $3,000, payable to the applicant when 50 percent of the permitted physical work has been completed, inspected and approved. When circumstances warrant, a larger grant may be approved based on the cost, complexity and scope of the project.

  • Loans shall be repaid to the City on a monthly basis over an appropriate term:

    • Loan up to $10,000: repayable over 5 years.

    • Loan of/over $ 10,000: repayable over 10 years.

  • Larger loans may be repayable over a longer term with the approval of the Corporate Services Department, W.H.C. and Council.

  • Interest shall be charged to any loan for the term approved by Council as follows:

    • Five year loan at 1-1/2 percent below the five-year rate at the CIBC.

    • Ten-year loan at 1 percent below the five-year rate at the CIBC.

  • Loans shall be secured by promissory note and lien (mortgage) to be registered on title of the property. The lien shall be removed at the expense of the City when the loan has been repaid.

  • A Heritage Conservation Easement will be donated to the City by the owner in return for an award of $30,000 or more. The Easement is to be registered on the title of the property, except when circumstances of the use and/or ownership of the property suggest that the requirement may be waived by Council.

  • A loan to assist in the purchase of a designated property may be awarded or guaranteed, but may not exceed $50,000 unless the W.H.C. so recommends and Council approves.

  • The value of the City's financial commitment (including grant and loan) plus all existing mortgages on the subject property shall not exceed 90 percent of the estimated market value of the property.

  • A Restoration Agreement with the City of Windsor will be required when restoration work is to be undertaken on a designated building. The Agreement will outline the scope of the work and treatment to be undertaken.

  • A minimum of two cost estimates, based on specifications approved by the W.H.C. and the Commissioner of Building & Development Services, shall be obtained by the owner for all restoration work to be done. The estimates will be reviewed to ensure that all work specified is covered. The lower bid will usually be recommended for funding.

  • The owner will be paid 50 percent of the C.H.F. award on approval of Building & Development Services of at least 50 percent of the restoration work. The balance of the C.H.F. award will be paid on final completion of the work on verification by Building & Development Services and recommendation of Corporate Services that all conditions have been met.

  • Owners of designated heritage properties who apply for a loan, grant or loan/grant combinations from the Community Heritage Fund may be required to obtain a property appraisal from a real estate agent or certified appraiser.

Prior to the W.H.C.'s recommending an award from the Community Heritage Fund, which requires a mortgage, Corporate Services will be required to review and comment on the application.

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