When do I need a Minor Variance Permission

A minor variance is a change or permission from the specific requirements of the City's zoning by-law, sign by-law or fence by-law. The minor variance process allows a property owner the opportunity to seek permission or relief from a specific provision of these by-laws by applying to the Committee of Adjustment. (See Applications.)

Minor variances may be granted provided that, in the opinion of the committee:

  • The request is minor in nature,
  • It is desirable for the appropriate development or use of the land, building or structure, and
  • The general intent and purpose of the zoning by-law and the Official Plan are maintained.


  1. Submit Pre-Application Consultation Form
  2. Consultation Process (Required)
  3. Submit Application to Committee of Adjustment
  4. Notice of Hearing and Circulation of Application
  5. Public Hearing and Decision Making
  6. Process Notice of Decision
  7. Final and Binding Decision

Application Requirements:

To ensure the City's interests are met and to appropriately assess the technical aspects of your proposal, the City requires the submission of a number of information items with your application. These are compulsory requirements (those that will be required for the majority of applications) and other possible requirements (those that are dependent upon the specifics of the application).

Please note:

  • While these requirements exceed the minimum established in the Planning Act, they are requested by the City and other municipalities in order to undertake an adequate level review.
  • Not all of these requirements will apply to your proposal.
  • Your Pre-Application Consultation meeting will determine which of these must be provided with your initial submission to consider your application complete.
  • Submission of a complete application will expedite the City's review of your proposal. The level of detail required for the information items may vary widely depending on the nature of your property and your proposal. The requirements for, and scope of, any additional information can be determined during your Pre-Application Consultation meeting.

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