Special Policy Areas

Special policies are provided for areas or corridors of the City where detailed directions for land use, infrastructure, transportation, environment, urban design or similar matters are required beyond the general framework provided by the Official Plan.

Special Policy areas will implement the Official Plan and may amend it as necessary. In the event of conflict between a Special Policy Area provision and the Official Plan, the Special Policy Area shall prevail and take precedence provided the general goals and objectives of the Official Plan are maintained.

Special Policy Area plans shall be adopted as amendments to the Official Plan and the provisions of the Official Plan and the Planning Act regarding adoption, notification and appeal of amendments shall apply.

Special Policy Area plans shall be reviewed and updated in accordance with the monitoring and review provisions of the Official Plan.

The following areas are currently designated Special Policy Areas in the City of Windsor:

  • Sandwich Neighbourhood Waterfront
  • Huron Church Road Corridor
  • Hiram Walker Facilities
  • Riverside Drive at Lauzon Waterfront
  • Lakeview Planning Area

For details, consult the Official Plan web page.

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