835 Tecumseh Road East 2148 Marentette Avenue and 2175 Parent Avenue

Applicant: Giovanni Caboto Club
Agent: Sfera Architectural Associates Inc. (John Bortolotti)

File No: Z-006/24 [ZNG-7179] & OPA 184 [OPA-7180]

The applicant proposes to amend the Official Plan to add a Special Policy Area that will allow for an increase in maximum building height from four (4) storeys to no more than six (6) storeys for a development within a Mixed-Use Corridor land use designation.

The proposed development includes a Zoning By-law Amendment Application to permit the development of a six (6) storey (24-metre) 54-unit Multiple Dwelling with 68 parking spaces.

The subject property is located within a Mixed-Use Corridor land use designation on Schedule D - Land Use Plan to the City of Windsor Official Plan, and Commercial District 3.3 (CD3.3) zone (in part) and Residential District 1.3 (RD1.3) zone (in part) of Zoning By-law 8600.

The subject property currently contains a one (1) storey commercial building (General Paint) with accessory parking area (835 Tecumseh Road East), one (1) to two (2) storey commercial building (Caboto Club) with accessory parking area (2175 Parent Avenue), and an accessory garage (2148 Marentette Avenue). The commercial building at 835 Tecumseh Road East and accessory garage at 2148 Marentette Avenue will be demolished. The parking area at 835 Tecumseh Road East will also be removed. The remainder of the subject property is composed of landscaped open space.

The conceptual site plan is subject to change. The proposed development is subject to site plan control.

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