2230-2240 Daytona Avenue

Applicant: Castle Gate Towers
Agent: Pillon Abbs Inc.
File No: Z 010-24 [ZNG-7188] & OPA 186 [OPA-7187]

The applicant is requesting an amendment to Zoning By-law 8600 and the City of Windsor Official Plan to allow the following:

The applicant is proposing to construct a multiple dwelling with a maximum building height of 14.6 metres consisting of 4 storeys and 20 dwelling units. The proposal includes twenty-five (25) parking spaces, including two (2) barrier free parking spaces, three (3) bicycle spaces, and one (1) loading space. The current zoning of the property is Residential District 2.2 (RD2.2). The applicant is seeking a zoning by-law amendment to change the existing zoning (RD2.2) to Residential District 2.5 (RD2.5) to permit the requested use, and a relief to reduce the minimum required lot area from 3,320 metres squared to 1,807 metres squared.

Associated Documents:

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