0 Wyandotte Street East

File No: Z-005/24 (ZNG-7172) & OPA 183 (OPA-7174)

Applicant: 1027458 Ontario Inc.

The proposed development includes the construction of five (5) multiple-dwelling buildings with a total of 447 dwelling units. Three 6-storey buildings are proposed on the south portion of the site, near Copernicus (former Jerome) Street. Each of these buildings would have approximately 63 units. Two twelve-storey buildings are proposed on the north portion of the side closer to Wyandotte Street East. Each of these buildings would have approximately 129 units each. The proposed development will provide 567 parking spaces split between a proposed 1-storey underground parking area and surface parking lot centrally located on the subject site. The applicant proposes a parking ratio of 1.27 parking spaces per dwelling unit.

The site is designated “Residential Neighbourhood” in the East Riverside Secondary Plan and “Residential” on Schedule “D” of the City of Windsor Official Plan. The site is currently zoned HRD1.2, permitting the development of single-detached residential dwellings on 12-metre-wide lots.

The applicant proposes an Official Plan amendment that would create a special policy area for this site that would permit the construction of high-profile buildings and apply a maximum permitted density of 130 units per hectare.

The applicant proposes the application of a Site Specific RD3.3 zone category that would permit a maximum building height of 48.0 metres.

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