Banwell Road and McHugh Street (South)

Banwell Road and McHugh Street (South)

File No: Z-023/23 (ZNG-7068) & OPA 174 (OPA-7071)
This application is one of three by the developer along the west side of Banwell Road between the VIA Rail line and Firgrove Street.
This phase of the development includes one (1) six (6)-storey multiple dwelling residential building with 72 units; one (1) eight (8)-storey multiple dwelling residential building with 96 units; two (2) 10-storey multiple dwelling residential buildings each with 120 units; a two (2)-storey business office; and a respite home. There are a total of 408 residential units proposed; 1,860m2 of Gross Floor Area (GFA) proposed for the business office; and 499m2 of GFA proposed for the respite home.

The site is proposed to have driveway access from McHugh Street and will include a surface parking area with 531 parking spaces for the residential dwellings; 60 parking spaces for the business office; and 12 parking spaces for the respite home to accommodate on-site parking, for a total of 603 parking spaces.

The multiple dwelling residential buildings on the South Site are intended to be developed in two phases. South Site - Phase 1 will be constructed first and includes Building ‘A’ and Building ‘B’. Next, South Site - Phase 2, including Building ‘C’ and Building ‘D’ will be constructed.

The applicant is requesting a site specific policy area to permit High profile development (greater than 4 storeys) along Banwell Road. The applicant is also requesting a Zoning By-law amendment that would add “Multiple Dwelling subject to the regulations of the RD3.2 zone” and Residential Care Facility as a permitted use. As well the applicant is requesting an increase in the permitted height to 35m and a reduction in landscaped open space from 35% as required in the RD3.2 zone to 24.5%.

Associated Documents:

  • South Site - Official Plan Amendment (OPA) Application
  • South Site - Zoning By-law Amendment (ZBA) Application
  • Combined Conceptual Development Plan
  • Planning Justification Report
  • Shadow Impact Study
  • Noise & Vibration Study
  • Natural Site Features Inventory & Preservation Study
  • Traffic Impact Study
  • Functional Servicing Report
  • Storm Water Management Report
  • Public Information Centre Engagement Summary
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