Sandwich Town Community Improvement Plan

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In February 2005, Windsor City Council requested the Planning Department to undertake a planning study for lands located west of the Ambassador Bridge. As part of this initiative, the Sandwich Community Planning Study (CPS) was adopted as the municipality's guide for future planning, capital budgeting and community improvement efforts in Sandwich. The key recommendations of the Sandwich Town CPS was to prepare a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) and Heritage Conservation District Plan (HCD) for Sandwich Town. Preparation of the Sandwich Town CIP commenced in January of 2008 and became effective in October 2012.

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Public Consultation

The CIP included an extensive public consultation program with a number of meetings to obtain input from stakeholders and the public on key issues, strategies and actions. The public meetings brought about the creation of various documents now apart of the CIP.

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Visit the Sandwich Heritage Conservation District web page for information on the HCD.

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