Tree Regulations

Who maintains trees on City property?

  • Parks and Recreation maintains all trees on City-owned right-of-ways and parkland. Parks and Recreation does not trim trees in alleys. Only dead and/or dangerous trees are removed by the City.
  • Property boundaries vary from area to area. Some street right-of-ways are 15 metres (49 feet), some 20 metres (65.6 feet) and others are 30 metres (98 feet). It depends on the street. Parks and Recreation maintains trees whose trunks lie completely or partially on City property. However, there are trees in East Riverside that are maintained by Parks and Recreation, even though they are just outside the City right-of-way. These trees were planted by and maintained by the old Town of Riverside and were inherited by the City of Windsor.

What by-laws are in place regarding tree planting?

  • By-law 135-2004 both restricts the planting of certain trees on City right-of-ways and protects trees on all City property (see "Trees on Highways" on By-laws Online). Under this by-law no one can plant any Poplar species, Willow species, Thorney Honey Locust or Manitoba Maple on City right-of-ways. It would be best to contact the Manager of Forestry and Horticulture for approval of any other species, as some low growing trees may also not be acceptable from a safety point of view.
  • This By-law also protects trees on City property. Fines range from $1,000 to $100,000 depending on the situation as detailed in by-law 135-2004.

What are some permit requirements?

  • No permit is required to remove a tree from private property on a residential lot. However, commercial, industrial and high density residential lots may fall under "site plan control" and may have restrictions on tree removal.

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