Sandpoint Beach Park Master Plan and Shoreline Class Environmental Assessment

The City of Windsor is carrying out a study of Sandpoint Beach Park for the purpose of establishing a park master plan and potentially modifying the existing shoreline to improve public safety. The study area includes Sandpoint Beach, Ganatchio Park, and Stop 26 Park, which are all commonly referred to as Sandpoint Beach.

Project Status and Next Steps

The City of Windsor has now completed the Sandpoint Beach Park Shoreline Class Environmental Assessment, and the 30-day public review period is now closed. The City of Windsor may now proceed with implementation of the Preferred Solution of the project.

Master Plan

A Public Information Centre (PIC) for the Sandpoint Beach Park Master Plan was held on May 19, 2022, to present a preliminary Concept Plan and initiate the public consultation process. An online survey was available for two weeks following the PIC, and more than 150 responses were received. The information boards from the PIC, as well as the preliminary Concept Plan and current Concept Plan, are available below:

  • Public Information Centre (PIC) Information Boards
  • Preliminary Concept Plan
    The preliminary Concept Plan was revised based on feedback from the public, the City and other stakeholders through the Sandpoint Beach Park Master Plan process. The current Concept Plan includes potential shoreline improvements, which require the Environmental Assessment (EA) process to be completed prior to finalization of the Park Master Plan, detailed design or construction.
  • Current Concept Plan (depicted below)

Site map of existing and proposed design

Class Environmental Assessment

The Class EA is following the planning process set out in the Municipal Engineers Association’s Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA). The project team has identified that this project falls under the Schedule ‘B’ of the MCEA and established the following problem/opportunity statement based on feedback from the initial Master Plan process:

This study intends to review and assess possible shoreline modifications at Sandpoint Beach Park in order to:

  • Limit public assess to the neighbouring shoreline area where deep water and strong currents are known to exist;
  • Maintain public access to Lake St. Clair while improving safety;
  • Maintain/improve flood and erosion protection; and
  • Improve the overall function of the park.

A Public Information Centre (PIC) for the EA was held on November 22, 2022, to present the alternative and recommended shoreline solutions and to solicit public feedback. The information boards from the PIC are available below:

Project Contacts:

Landmark Engineers Inc.
Ms. Liz Michaud, P.Eng.
2280 Ambassador Drive
Windsor, Ontario, N9C 4E4
(519) 972-8052

City of Windsor
Ms. Laura Ash, P.Eng.
2450 McDougall Street
Windsor, Ontario, N8X 3N6
(519) 253-2300 ext. 2735