Lanspeary Park Redevelopment

Thank you for your input!

The City of Windsor is grateful for the community involvement as we continue the process to finalize a site plan for the redevelopment of 104-year-old Lanspeary Park and make it more welcoming to all of the city’s residents.

We are reviewing the data collected from the recent public survey for improvements to Lanspeary Park.

After reviewing the input gathered from two public surveys in April and September 2022, the Parks Development team is finalizing the design for Lanspeary Park. You can still review this series of informative slides that introduced the concept plan shown below.

Initial Concept Plan

The diagram below shows the concept plan that has been designed based on feedback from our first round of public consultation.
The final park design and amenities will be based on feedback collected during public consultations.
Lanspeary Concept Plan, as listed below
  1. Multi-use accessible asphalt trail (3.0 metres wide, 1.6 kilometres in length)
  2. Existing brick pavers to be maintained
  3. Extended shaded outdoor paved plaza (875 square metres)
  4. Community Garden with concrete plaza and seating area
  5. New outdoor swimming pool with water slide and new building
  6. Renovated heritage feature (Band Stand)
  7. Family expansive playground (2100 square metres)
  8. Splash pad (540 square metres)
  9. Existing parking lot will be redeveloped into main green pathway forming a focal point to access the park from Giles Boulevard
  10. Basketball sports courts (2)
  11. Pickleball courts (6)
  12. Tennis courts (2)
  13. Renovated existing public washroom building
  14. Heritage building to be maintained
  15. Climate resilient home to remain and be maintained
  16. Large accessible parking lot replacing a portion of the demolished greenhouse
  17. Enlarged existing parking lot at Langlois Avenue
  18. Six rainbow colour picnic tables with umbrellas
  19. Corner seating/rest area
  20. Existing mature trees to remain during and after park redevelopment
  21. Newly planted trees to add additional shade areas
  22. Heritage feature (entry walls and gates) to be renovated
  23. Picnic tables
  24. Chess tables
  25. Benches
  26. Trash and recycle bins (silo containers)
  27. Pedestrian LED lights

Bubble Diagram of Design Areas

The diagram below shows the areas we will be concentrating on for each design feature.
The final park design and amenities will be based on public feedback and consultation.

Bubble diagram of designed areas

For further information, please contact:

Parks and Recreation
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Phone: For general information, call 311.
For detailed inquiries, call (519) 253-2300.