Windsor Waterfront Brick Program

Waterfront Commemorative Brick Program

Make Your Mark

Program Information

Make your mark. The City of Windsor and Windsor Moose Lodge #1499 jointly offer you an opportunity to make your mark in the pages of Windsor's history book with a commemorative brick installed along Windsor's waterfront. These bricks make excellent gifts for birthdays and weddings, for family, friends or yourself. The tax-deductible price is a unique benefit to this easy gift-giving option.

Your Brick

  • Donation of $50.
  • Specifications: Grey, 8" x 8" brick.
  • Your Inscription (name or message) is sandblasted onto the brick.
  • Inscriptions are 2 rows, and 11 characters per row (including spaces and punctuation).
  • Installation: Bricks are installed in one of two possible locations.
  • Replacement of any brick due to normal wear and tear shall be at the expense of the purchaser.

A grid system has been developed for locating laid down bricks. A detailed map of available brick locations can be found below. Bricks are laid down around the Udine Fountain at Ouellette Avenue and Riverside Drive, along the riverfront walkway, and around the Cenotaph at City Hall (Veterans Only Section).

Once your brick is laid you will receive notice of its location from the City. Donors receive a certificate for their brick, with an income tax receipt from Windsor Moose Lodge #1499.

Veterans Only Section

A separate section at the City Hall Square Cenotaph on University Avenue East is identified for veterans only: Army, Navy, Air Force and Wartime Merchant Marine, including those killed in action. Bricks purchased for these persons will be suitably located in areas designating their branch of service.

Bill Vivian

Bill Vivian presented this program concept to Windsor municipal government representatives several years ago as a way of involving the community in the development of Windsor's waterfront. Since the program's inception, Bill, a veteran and member of Windsor Moose Lodge #1499, has personally laid many of the bricks installed.

Program Resources


  • Application Inquiries:
    Windsor Moose Lodge # 1499.
    777 Tecumseh Rd. W., Windsor, ON. N9A 6J5.
  • General Inquiries:
    Call 311.
  • Brick Location Inquiries:
    Call Parks, Recreation & Culture at 519-253-2300.
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