Alton C Parker Park

This neighbourhood park was named in honour of Alton C. Parker, the first black officer on the Windsor Police Force. Alton Parker began his career in 1942, and in 1953 he became the first black detective in Canada. His career with the Windsor Police spanned 28 years. He received numerous awards in his lifetime, including the Order of Canada, the Ontario Bravery Medal for Good Citizenship and the Queen's Silver Jubilee Medal.

During his retirement, Alton Parker organized a neighbourhood community party for local children. Each year Al and his wife Evelyn held a party for the neighbourhood children in this park that bears his name. They paid for the parties themselves. He did this because he loved children and believed he was blessed by God. Uncle Al's Annual Kid's Party provided fun to thousands of children for 25 years.

Statue of Alton Parker and child
In memory of Alton Parker, a statue of a policeman holding the hand of a child sits in the park. It is inscribed with the words from Alton C. Parker, "A lot of people talk about doing something for these kids. I don't just talk. I want to do it."