Riverside Kiwanis

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9420 Little River Road

In 1966, the local Kiwanis Club expressed an interest in seeing the site of the Little River Sewage Treatment Plant converted into usable public parkland. By early 1967, this park located in the Little River Corridor was officially opened. It was appropriate that the park was opened during the coldest part of the winter; built atop one of the highest man‑made peaks in the City, the site is used in the winter months by many eager tobogganers. With no small measure of glee, area youngsters have commonly referred to the lofty man‑made peak as "Suicide Hill"; however, in response to public suggestion, and mental health awareness, the hill was renamed in 2021 as Hope Hill. From the top of the hill, tobogganers and skiers alike are treated to a wide, panoramic view of Little River Corridor.


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