City Hall Square Park

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350 City Hall Square West

The southernmost of the four-park Civic Esplanade, City Hall Square is a lush, superbly manicured park that provides a tranquil setting for visitors to the City Hall area. Although City Hall Square and Senator David Croll Park are generally thought of as one, the square only includes areas north, south and east of City Hall. Several varieties of exotic trees are located on the grounds of City Hall Square, including Japanese cherry trees and magnolia trees imported from the Netherlands and Tennessee respectively. These unique trees and the cenotaph, which was moved to this site in the early 1960s, allow the square to remain a meaningful part of the Windsor community. An old-fashioned Charleston swing is also present in the park. In 1994, City Hall Square and Senator David Croll Park were joined by a street closure and the installation of a pathway and pedestrian lights.



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