Private Sewer Replacement Program
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Private Sewer Replacement Program

The City of Windsor's policy on cleaning, repairing and replacing private sewer laterals is outlined in By-law 4921: Sewer Connection Servicing (see By-law 4921)

For Property Owners, see the Instruction Sheet requesting a private drain connection under By-law 4921 along with the Bid Form and List of Pre-Qualified Private Drain Connection Contractors.

Replacing Private Sewer Laterals (Drain Connection)

  • At the present time the City offers a rebate for a total sewer replacement.
  • Obtain a quote for the replacement by:
    • Calling (519) 255-6257
    • Requesting "Permits and Inspections"
    • Requesting a sewer information sheet for the subject property and a list of pre-qualified contractors able to perform the work.

Financing of Private Sewer Laterals (Drain Connection)

  • For sewer replacements performed by a City contractor:

    • The owner pays for the work completed when invoiced by City,


    • The owner pays for the work over a five-year period.

The cost (including interest) is added to the tax roll. Based on the information above, the owner has the option of paying a portion up front and paying the balance over the five-year period.

  • For sewer replacements done by a contractor hired by the property owner:

    • The owner may submit a paid invoice for a complete sewer lateral replacement in order to receive the City's rebate under the sewer replacement program.

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