Sidewalk Information

Uneven or Broken Sidewalks

  • As a result of ground heave and tree roots, sidewalks sometimes become uneven or broken. Public Works staff fix "toe-stubbers" by placing asphalt or concrete, or by raising the sidewalk panel. If a panel is broken and cannot be fixed, it will be scheduled for replacement as part of the City's Sidewalk Replacement Program.
  • If you find a "toe-stubber," please call 311 and give us a brief description (including the location) of the sidewalk, so we can schedule the repair as soon as possible.

New Sidewalks - New Subdivision

  • New Sidewalks are required on one side of local streets and on both sides of Artery and Collector streets under the Official Plan. This is included in your sub-division agreement and on site plans of subdivision. To find out specific information about new sidewalks in Proposed Subdivisions, please call the Right-of-Way Supervisor at (519) 255-6257 ext. 6612.

New Sidewalks - Existing Area

  • A Local Improvement Petition Request will be required to have a new sidewalk constructed in an existing area. To find out information about a Local Improvement Petition please call 311.

Sidewalk Rehabilitation List

  •  See the Construction page for a list of the upcoming projects.


  • Walkway maintenance is included as part of the City's Sidewalk Maintenance Program.

Wheelchair Ramps

  • Wheelchair ramps are installed at all crosswalks with sidewalks in accordance with Human Rights Legislation.

For more information, please see the Sidewalks Brochure.

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