Emergency Planning

The Role of Human and Health Services

The Human and Health Services Department works closely with Community Emergency Management Coordinators to ensure that the residents of Windsor and Essex County are provided with emergency social services, as needed, in the event of an emergency.

In an emergency, the primary responsibility of the department is to establish a reception center and/or an emergency shelter that can be accessed by evacuees, if required. Within these sites, the department ensures the provision of registration and inquiry services, food, clothing, lodging and counselling for all individuals displaced due to the emergency.

Human and Health Services works in collaboration with community partners such as the Canadian Red Cross, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and the Humane Society.

To report an emergency, call 911.
For general information, call 311.
For detailed inquiries, call 519 255-5200 ext. 5294.
Fax: 519-256-7107
Email: sshousing@citywindsor.ca