City of Windsor Coat of Arms

City of Windsor coat of arms (as detailed) with words, The river and the land sustain us.Windsor's roots are reflected in its corporate Coat of Arms, which hangs in the Council Chambers of City Hall. The motto, "The River and the Land Sustain Us" reminds us of the foundation of our city's well being and the need to care for the environment.

Shield of Arms:

The core of the design is a symbolic representation of the most important elements from the city's history. At the top is the broad sweep of the Detroit River. The lower portion is divided into three parts representing the three periods of Windsor's history: First Peoples, Colonial, and Canadian. The central band on the shield represents the first settlements by Europeans, the French-speaking pioneers of the mid-18th century whose fields echoed the distinctive patterns of the river-based communities of their compatriots on the St. Lawrence. The fleur-de-lis recalls the Virgin Mary who was honoured in the name of the first parish, L'Assomption, in 1762. The sides of the shield represent the riches of the land including the roses of the "City of Roses" and a cogwheel centre representing the city's impressive industrial heritage.


The crest above the shield with the helmet and mantling are the traditional components of this Coat of Arms. Today they can symbolize, in the same spirit as the knight defending his lands, the determination of citizens to safeguard and strengthen their community. Above a coronet representing loyalties to province and country is a stag, an emblem drawn from the city's first seal. The belt of wampum honours the local First Peoples, stewards of the land for centuries, while the automobile wheel represents some of the distinctive components of civic economy.

On a grassy mound rising above the waters of the River are two floral sprays celebrating the varied and multicultural character of Windsor's population: the rose, the trillium, and fringed gentian. The gentian also honours a unique part of local natural heritage: the unusual plants and flowers of the tall grass prairie. Windsor's status as Canada's gateway to the heart of North America is symbolized by the two lions. Their collars consist of Loyalist military coronets honouring the pivotal role played by the region in the War of 1812. The collar pendants recall the steamboat and steam railway heritage.

Please stop by City Hall to view the Coat of Arms hanging in City Council or see it during the televised City Council meetings. It is a beautiful illustration of our City's heritage and a reflection of our continued growth and prosperity.

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