Assisted Services

Assisted services are available to individuals who are unemployed and/or working less than 20 hours per week. There are many exceptions to this rule, so even if you are working over 20 hours per week you may still be eligible.

To learn more about the types of assisted services we have available, see the information below.

If you’re interested in our assisted services or want to find out if you qualify, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Individual One-on-One Employment Counselling

Personalized help in career clarification and goal setting; skills and interest assessment; and interview and employment preparation. Our counselling services include:

  • Exploration, identification and clarification of interests, abilities, skills, education and experience in relation to short and long-term career and employment goals
  • Exploration of occupational and training requirements related to career and employment goals, including trades and apprenticeship
  • Orientation to the workplace: rules and expectations of employers, rights and responsibilities of employees, Canadian workplace culture, etc.
  • Counselling and coaching in life skills that support successful employment
  • Support for disclosure of disabilities that may affect workplace participation
  • Preparation of job search tools such as resumes and applications; interview and job search strategies; school and training records
  • Support in assessing qualifications against job requirements
  • Information about and supported access to professional accreditation, language, credential and prior learning assessment
  • Support, mentoring and coaching during the job search process
  • Supported referral and access to other services including, but not limited to, education and training

Employment Placement & Job Opportunities

Placements into employment and/or on-the-job training opportunities are available. Our Job Developers provide support in matching your skills, capabilities, interests and experience with the requirements of the employer and the position. Our Job Matching and Placement services offer:

  • Help in matching your skills and interests with work opportunities
  • Help in connecting you with work opportunities and in negotiation of the employment relationship on your behalf
  • Experiential or on-the-job training
  • Placement support in identifying and resolving workplace issues that may affect your success
  • Financial support to remove barriers to participation, if necessary.

See current Job Opportunities.

Coaching and Mentoring

Mentorship opportunities can be found to help individuals gain an understanding of what is required to practice his/her profession. They can help with networking and improve the chances of workplace success.

What Does Coaching and Mentoring Involve?

  • A volunteer would be someone willing to meet with our client to discuss components of his/her work and how someone might work toward gaining the right kind of credentials/skills and background to be successful.
  • The coach and mentor meet and discuss the goal to be achieved. In some cases, it is simply to assist someone in preparing for an interview.
  • The coach would be willing to answer questions that the protégé prepares before meeting. The duration of the mentorship is mutually decided.

Work Experience through Ontario Job Creation Partnerships

Partnering with local non-profit agencies, Employment Ontario is helping provide paid work experience opportunities for eligible participants. These temporary work experiences cover a wide range of opportunities aimed at building skills, work references and confidence.

Ontario Job Creation Partnerships (OJCP) can act as a launching pad for your success in the working world, reconnecting good workers with potential employers by helping job seekers enhance their network of contacts.

The City of Windsor's Employment and Training Services (ETS) provides ongoing employment supports to OJCP participants until they successfully find full-time work. Participants obtain practical work experience related to their chosen career paths; work to build employment references; and attend workshops to enhance interview skills, resume writing and job search techniques.

Referrals Through Partner Programs

Tri-County Literacy

This Employment Ontario project is funded by the Ontario government. The purpose of this project is to develop videos that showcase how and why literacy/adult upgrading can be part of one’s future success.

View Tri-County Literacy Videos.

Youth Job Connection

Youth Job Connection (YJC) serves youth aged 15 to 29 who experience multiple and/or complex barriers to employment by providing more intensive supports beyond traditional job search and placement opportunities. These include:

  • Paid pre-employment training to promote job-readiness;
  • Job matching and paid job placements, with placement supports for participants and hiring incentives for employers;
  • Mentorship services; and
  • Education and work transitions supports.

Youth Job Connection includes two parts:

  • A year-round component, launched in fall 2015, which will provide intensive employment supports for youth aged 15 to 29 who are not in employment, education or training and who experience multiple barriers to employment
  • A summer component – Youth Job Connection: Summer – launching in spring 2016, which will provide summer job opportunities and part-time job placements during the school year to help multi-barriered high school students, aged 15 to 18 make positive educational and career choices. The focus will be on those who are facing challenging life circumstances and are at risk of experiencing poor transitions between education and work

The City of Windsor's Employment and Training Services (ETS) is one of a network of Employment Ontario service providers. We can meet with you and refer you to YJC.

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