Pollution Control Programs

Pollution Control Programs

Laboratory Unit

A major responsibility of the Environmental Quality Division (Laboratory) is enforcing the Sewer Use By-law 11446. This by-law regulates discharges to sanitary and storm sewers. It also mandates the report of spills to City sewers and the completion of a Waste Survey Report by industry.

Programs carried out by the laboratory include:

  1. Monitoring Little River Pollution Control Plant and Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant:
    • Analyzing 24-hour composite samples of influent and effluent
    • Analyzing sludge and biosolid samples
  2. Monitoring Industrial Discharges:
    • Sampling and analysis of industrial discharges
    • Industrial waste surveys
  3. Monitoring Windsor's and adjacent municipalities' sewer systems:
    • Sampling of strategic locations within the City sewer system and analysis of samples
  4. Business Licence Clearance:
    • Inspecting the pollution control systems of vehicle service garages, restaurants and laundries
  5. Spills and Complaints:
    • Investigating liquid spills to sewers and odour complaints related to the sewer system
  6. Priority Pollutant Monitoring:
    • Sampling and analysis for organic pollutants
  7. Hauled Waste Control:
    • Sampling and analysis of the hauled waste received at the Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant
  8. Biomonitoring of the Detroit River:
    • Under contract, the Great Lakes Institute for Environment Research conducts biomonitoring of the Detroit River watershed
  9. Monitoring:
    • Water quality monitoring in the Detroit River, Grand Marais Drain and Little River watersheds

For general information, please contact 311. For detailed inquiries, contact:

Pollution Control
Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant
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Phone: (519) 253-7217