Little River Pollution Control Plant

Overhead view of Little River Pollution Control Plant

9400 Little River Road
Windsor, Ontario
N8S 4L7
Phone: (519) 948-1751
Fax: (519) 948-2876

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday

Plant Manager: Sergio Mannina, (519) 948-1751 ext. 3400

  • The Little River Pollution Control Plant was first commissioned in 1966 as an 18,000 m3/d (4 MIGD) plant.
  • It was expanded in 1974 to 36,000 m3/d (8 MIGD) providing phosphorus removal as well as conventional secondary treatment, or the activated sludge process, as it is scientifically termed.
  • The plant was upgraded and expanded in the early 90's to 73,000 m3/d (16 MIGD), with nitrification capabilities. This results in an effluent low in ammonia, thereby not being toxic to delicate aquatic life.
  • In the final upgrade, the sludge dewatering process was completed, with the latest technology in centrifugation and sludge cake pumping.
  • The quality of effluent is one of the best in the province, resulting in better stream life downriver of the plant than upstream.
  • A Biomonitoring program is underway at the plant with Rainbow trout and large mouth bass living in 100% effluent discharging to Little River.
  • The plant is controlled by the latest state of the art microprocessor technology.


The plant serves the eastern portion of the City of Windsor and the surrounding municipality of Tecumseh.

This Little River Pollution Control Plant process flow diagram illustrates the treatment process. [Click the diagram to enlarge.]

Plant Tours

Plant tours are open to educational classes and public groups at both pollution control plants. To arrange a tour, contact the plant manager.

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