Your Turn FOG Cups

Fats, Oils & Grease

Inside of sewer pipe clogged with fat, oil and grease

Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) can not only cause problems for your home's plumbing but can also cause major concerns with the City's sewer system. Back-ups of sewage can occur when the sewer lines are clogged with a build-up of FOG. In order to work effectively, sewage systems need to be in proper working order from the drain to the City's wastewater treatment plants. Normal sanitary waste can be handled without difficulty. However, FOG waste builds up on sewer walls causing blockages in the sewer system. Blockages can lead to basement flooding.

The City of Windsor is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the City's sewage system including 1,697 kilometres of sanitary and storm sewers, various pumping stations, the Retention Treatment Basin (RTB), and 2 sewage treatment plants. The City of Windsor spends a significant amount of money removing FOG from blocked sewers and on treatment costs at the wastewater treatment plants. These costs are paid by you, the taxpayer, through sewer surcharge.

For these reasons, FOG should not be disposed of down the drain. We all need to do our part to maintain the City's sewer system to prevent basement flooding and keep costs down.

The City of Windsor needs everyone to do their part to help maintain the sewer system to prevent costly excess repairs and maintenance and to reduce the risk of basement flooding. During ongoing maintenance, if sewer issues are detected due to the presence of FOG, educational information may be left at your home by City workers. Click the image below to see our door hanger:

Door knocker for FOG and flushable wipes

How can you help?

Your Turn cup

Pour cooled kitchen fats, oil, and grease into a container and store in your fridge or freezer until full or ready for disposal. Containers should then be bagged and placed in the garbage.

Scrape all food scraps and grease solids into the garbage, not down the sink or toilet.

Clean up grease spills using an absorbent material (e.g. cat litter, paper towels) and place them in the garbage can.

Pollution prevention is the most cost-effective and sustainable method to deal with plugged sewers and raw sewage overflows in your neighbourhood. Your cooperation adds up to a significant and measurable impact. Talk to your neighbours and encourage them to use cups as well.

What is Your Turn?

Your Turn is a pollution control educational program about proper disposal methods for FOG. All you need to do is pour your cooled FOG waste into the cup until it's full, put it in your freezer or fridge to harden, and toss it into your garbage can before your next collection day.

Why a degradable cup?

By using a degradable cup, we reduce the impact on our landfill and increase the recycling materials like glass, cans, and plastic that would be otherwise used for this FOG material. The cups are also compatible with the processes used by a grease recycling company.

How do I get the Your Turn Cups?

The cups are available at the Household Hazardous Waste Public Drop-Off Depot (3560 North Service Road). The City of Windsor's sewer maintenance crews may also distribute directly to your neighbourhood if they notice FOG in the sewer system.

What can I use if I don't have a Your Turn cup?

You do not need a Your Turn cup to collect your FOG. Any container that will hold the FOG is acceptable if disposed of in the garbage. However, paper containers are best for the reasons stated above.

How does this help?

The buildup of FOG in your drain and in the sewers under your street can lead to basement flooding. The City of Windsor performs regular maintenance on the main sewer lines but the frequency of flushing in some areas has increased due to improper disposal of FOG.

For more about wastewater treatment, view our Wastewater: Where Does it Go? video.

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Phone: For general information, call 311. For detailed inquiries, call 519-255-6100 ext. 6127.


A special Thank You to the City of London for permission to use their idea and graphics.