Quality of Municipal Drinking Water Indicator 2

Water glass being filled

The Windsor Utilities Commission (WUC) is responsible for ensuring safe drinking water for the citizens of Windsor through the water treatment process and distribution system.

The Windsor Utilities Commission's mandate is to deliver an abundance of clean, reliable and safe water that enhances the quality of life of Windsor's residences and businesses. They are proud to deliver tap water into customers' homes that exceeds Ontario's water quality standard.

The WUC operates in accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Act and, as such, is required to report all adverse water samples. One method of notifying citizens of adverse water quality is to announce a boil water advisory which is conducted through the Windsor Essex County Health Unit.

The WUC's website is a research tool for all individuals interested in learning more about how WUC treats and distributes water to the residents. Quarterly and annual water quality reports are published and available on-line for your information.

How are we doing?

Chart of number of boil water advisories issued by the Windsor Essex County Health Unit
In the above figure, all noted Boil Water Advisories were caused by damaged or broken water mains or service lines affecting specific locations only. None were caused by microbial contamination. Residents that may be affected by a broken water main are informed to boil water until the water main can be repaired and flushed clean.

The number of boil water advisories issued by the Windsor Essex County Health Unit is decreasing.

What's the City of Windsor and Windsor Utilities Commission doing to improve our water quality?

  • The City of Windsor strives to improve the quality of the Detroit River through improvements to the 2 wastewater treatment facilities, replacing aging sewer infrastructure.
  • The City of Windsor continues to work closely with the Detroit River Canadian Cleanup Committee, Essex Region Conservation Authority and other groups interested in remediating the quality of the Detroit River, our drinking water source.
  • The WUC continues to work hard to upgrade the aging infrastructure in the City of Windsor.
  • Participating in the Source Water Protection program being coordinated by the Essex Region Conservation Authority and the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.

What can you do to help improve the water quality in Windsor?

For more information on Environmental Initiatives

  • Phone: For general inquiries call 311. For detailed inquiries call 519-255-6100 ext. 6127.
  • Email: emp@citywindsor.ca