Showcase Windsor Environmental Commitment Outside the Region

Objective E9: Showcase Windsor’s Environmental Commitment Outside the Region

The following actions are needed to complete this objective:

  • Work with outside groups (i.e. federal/provincial governments, agencies) to disseminate Windsor’s success.
  • Share lessons learned and successes with other municipalities through formal or informal networking opportunities (e.g. Clean Air Partnership, Quest).
  • Attend and highlight Windsor’s accomplishments at conferences and workshops.
  • Develop study tours for appropriate conferences being held in Windsor, highlighting our successes.
  • Apply for awards for environmental innovation.

These indicators show the progress the City is making to achieve this objective:

  • Number of presentations given
  • Number of case studies documented
  • Number of tours provided

For more information on environmental initiatives:

Phone: For general information, call 311. For detailed inquiries, call 519-255-6100 ext. 6127.