Diversion Rate of Recyclable Material

Objective D4: Increase the Diversion Rate of Recyclable Material at all City Facilities

The following actions are needed to complete this objective:

  • Undertake a corporate waste audit program and develop a corporate waste baseline, reduction targets and monitoring strategy.
  • Publish waste audit results to City staff as part of a solid waste diversion education campaign.
  • Install composters or digesters at select City facilities as pilot projects and monitor their success.
  • Implement a standard recycling program for all City facilities that includes signage, containers and education.
  • Provide training for facilities staff with respect to any changes in recycling procedures.
  • Focus reminders and incentive programs on any problem areas.
  • Encourage contractors and suppliers to make recycled-content products available.
  • Use savings from waste prevention efforts to offset the costs of buying recycled products in those instances where they cost more.
  • Continue to promote the use of municipal water.

These indicators show the progress the City is making to achieve this objective:

  • Corporate waste diversion rate

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