Enhance and Increase Natural Shade

Objective C13: Enhance and Increase Natural Shade as a Climate Change Adaptation Measure

The following actions are needed to complete this objective:

  • Continue to research the urban heat island effect and its impact in Windsor.
  • Enhance tree coverage to reduce the human health risk of heat.
  • Promote additional health benefits of natural shade in reducing ultraviolet radiation exposure.
  • Plan for dense shade in parks, playgrounds, spectator areas of sports fields and other public spaces frequented by children and vulnerable populations.
  • Ensure active transportation routes are planned with natural shade.
  • Review tree species for viability under a changing climate and adjust tree planting practices accordingly.
  • Incorporate Best Management Practices for naturalization and tree planting. Use local seed for the propagation of trees and incorporate assisted migration studies and practices where applicable.
  • Undertake assisted migration of tree species to minimize the risk to canopy cover due to climate change.

These indicators show the progress the City is making to achieve this objective:

  • Number of trees planted and removed

For more information on environmental initiatives:

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